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         Summer Camp

Flying Sushi
Sushi Swordsman

 Summer camp 2023 was a success!
registrations are now open for our summer camp 2024

18-19-20 fully booked

13-14-15 fully booked
20-21-22 fully booked

$420/week - breakfast and lunch provided.
8.30am to 1.30pm

please contact us at 207-415-4482 or
registration online here

your little chefs will learn to prep food, cook an entire dish from scratch , learn about cleaning and hygiene in a kitchen, learn knife skills , discover and taste new ingredients, and use a stove and different utensils they will also learn to be part of a team kitchen and have fun while cooking with their new friends

menu :
sushi / pasta from scratch / italian pastry/ french full menu and more

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